Frequently Asked Questions

What is Safer Internet Service?

Safer Internet Service aims to protect internet users legally from harmful contents of internet in accordance with relevant provisions of the constitution. (Article 41 and 58)

Due to our county’s young population, especially to protect children from harmful content of internet, number of requests and complaints are transmitted to our institution.  

As a result of studies with related industries “Principles and Procedures of the Safer Internet Service” has been published by our institution in February 2011.

The objective of Safer Internet Service can be summarized as to provide different options to internet users with an alternative service which is supplied by Internet Service Providers.  To benefit from this service is definitely optional. Users are free to take or abandon this service.

Why a service like this is needed?

With Article 41 “Family protection and children’s rights” and Article 58 “Protection of Youth” is ensured that government will take all precautions to protect family, child and youth.

On the other hand this service was emerged upon requests and requirements for usage of Safer Internet Service.

When will Safer Internet Service get started? What is new with Safer Internet Service?

They have start to provide the service in 22 November 2011 to all Internet users who will benefit from Safer Internet Service. This service is an alternative service to the filtering services that some operators already have or to the paid programs filtering programs.   

Who can benefit from the service?

All İnternet users can benefit from Safer Internet Service.


In the same house, can different profiles be used simultaneously?

The profiles of Safer Internet Service are defined to your account; you don’t download a program to your computer so you can only use one profile at the same time. But you can change your profile quickly whenever you want. 

How long does it take to change the profile?

The speed of switching between profiles can change according to your ISP’s infrastructure. But averagely  from 10 to 20 seconds will be enough to change your profile.

When I don’t have access to a web site, how can I understand the reason?

If you don’t have access to a web site because of your profile you will be informed with an informing page. If you think that you should have access to that site with the profile you are using, you can report it from the same page.

How can I ask for my own site to be in SIS?

Site owners may inform us via this web page.