Advice for Families

Identify new member of your family

  1.        Learn internet at least to protect your child
  2.        Do not limit use of internet, give time limits.
  3.        Do not let your child neglect his/her school studies.
  4.        Encourage your child in other social activities.
  5.        Don’t give him/her chance to default on his/her other responsibilities.

Learn the possible dangers

  1.     Friendship with whom he/she doesn’t know
  2.     Internet addiction due to overuse of internet
  3.     Physical health problems
  4.     Psychological problems like anger, violence and solitude
  5.     Images that consists of violence and obscenity

Teach him/her things he/she should know

  1.          To say "no" to friend requests to the people he/she doesn’t know
  2.          To share with you the situations that he/she doesn’t like
  3.          To refuse attractive but tricky propositions that comes via internet
  4.          Internet is something really different than real life
  5.          Real life doesn’t consists of Internet

Be example for him/her

  1.        Determine rules for the internet and you obey them first
  2.        Sign a family contract with your children and apply the rules 
  3.        Obey the time limits that you have determined in the contract.
  4.        Organize activities with your family except internet
  5.        Be your child’s best and most trustable friend.

Be careful to social networking sites

  1.        If your child is registered to these sites, you also register yourself to these sites and become a friend of him/her
  2.       Make him/her do his/her security settings
  3.        Tell him not to share his/her full name, address, telephone, school name, and private photos
  4.        Tell him/her not to add the people they don’t know to their friend list.
  5.        Check his/her friends regularly.


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