10 basic rules of internet

Leave it virtual, live your life real

1. You should control the time you spend on the internet. Life doesnt mean Internet. You can have fun with your friends in real life.

2.When you surf on the internet prefer to stay at home and in the same room with your family.

3.Make your choises with your family members and teachers. Do not hesitate to consult them. You can add the websites you like to your favorites.

4. You should question the fidelity of information that you come across on the internet and make a detailed research for the same information from different sources. 

5. Don’t ever chat and never be friends with people you don’t know in social networking sites.

6.You shouldn’t meet with people you meet on the internet. If there is really someone you want to know, you should go to the meeting with an adult family member.

7. Don't share your personal information and also your password with anyone else on the internet. You shouldn’t write them to the places easily accessible. Any small detail can be used by malicious people.

8.You should never open unknown sender messages because they generally hold infected, inappropriate and spam files. On your computer you should always have an updated virus and security program.

9. Don’t behave inappropriate to others as you don’t want to be behaved. You shouldn’t insult, slang. If you find a behaviour disrespectful in your real life, don’t behave like that in your virtual life.

10. Whenever you come across with this kind of behavior, you can report to your family members, teachers or to ihbarweb. (www.ihbarweb.org.tror 0312 58282829)

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