While using social networking sites

Social network sites always gives us chance to keep in touch with our friends, share the things we like but on these sites your personal information, sharing, friends can be seen by everyone. By paying attention to a few details you can be in safe in social networking sites.

1.       We advise you not to share your personal information with everyone.

  •        Your telephone number
  •         Your school, home and work addresses
  •         Your birthday, age
  •         Your national id number
  •         Your e-mail addresses

2.       Close your sharing to the people you don’t want to

  •         Your sending
  •         Information about your family
  •         Relationship status
  •         Your interests
  •         Your religion and political opinion
  •         Your location
  •         Your photos and videos

3.       Deny friend requests of the people you don’t know because,

  •          You don’t know them
  •          You don’t know their intention
  •          It may hurt you
  •          It may upset you

4.       Create strong passwords and don’t share with anyone. Because,

  •          They may send messages on behalf of you and you may be in difficult situation
  •          They may share the things that you don’t want in your profile
  •          They may change your profile Picture and settings
  •          Your profile can be used by a friend of yours but the responsibility is yours.
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