Efficient Use of Internet

Opportunities on the Internet

WhenInternetfirstcametoourcountry, it wasonlyusedforcommunication in certain institutions. Nowadays internet is an interactivemediawithwhatprivateandpublicinstitutions gives service.

The best features of the internet services are; it is quick and easy. It doesn’t oblige you to queue or to go somewhere. Let’s examine these services in general.

E-government:  to take the services of social security, traffic, justice, family practice, student registration, military service procedures, tax…etc. online.

University: operations like Registration, course registration, display course notes…etc.

Banking: you can do the operations like; money transfer, credit transaction, paying bills…etc. without going to the branch bank.

E-commerce: online shopping

Communication: e-mail, instant messaging.

Distant education: visual lessons, owing to that you don’t need to go to the school.

Information research: comparison of information in various websites.

News: possibility of reading actual news every minute.

Entertainment: music, game, hobby sites.

You can also use many other applications and services. It facilitates your daily operations. But you can come across with the dangers that you mustn’t forget. Not to be damaged, the best thing is to learn all the dangers and be a conscious user.